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Ox Health was created through the combination of scientific curiosity and growing awareness of sustainable healthy living. Our singular mission is to help address the fact that 90% of people do not eat enough fruit. Co-founded by two pharmacists, we hope to make it easier to achieve basic dietary supplementation in the whirlwind of day-to-day activities. Our gac fruit supplement helps provide the benefits of an antioxidant-packed super fruit with convenience suited for daily consumption.

Our founders

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meet damian

Damian is a co-founder of Ox Health. He is a registered pharmacist who has a passion for health and fitness. Damian spends most of his time supporting the development of treatment options for people who struggle with diabetes and obesity. He is motivated by helping people get on the path of leading healthy lives. Outside of his work, Damian is a self-described sports fanatic and spends his free time outdoors enjoying soccer, tennis, golf, cycling, and any sport he can get involved with.

meet trung

Trung is a co-founder of Ox Health, pharmacist and clinical researcher by background. His early career experiences through the VA system and IHS have inspired an interest in holistic and natural medicine. As a longtime judoka and water-sports enthusiast, he firmly believes in the importance of physical activity as the key to longevity and health. A polyglot who speaks English, Polish, German, Vietnamese and French he is keen in connecting with you over your health wherever on the globe you may be.

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